Only a man as the breadwinner/provider knows his exact financial worth and the magic he’s performing in meeting up to the demands of his family and relationship. I’ve seen many wives, children and girlfriends lavishing wealth with the mentality that their men/parents are financially buoyant without paying close attentions to the glaring signs of bankruptcy surrounding him. The fact is: “Most of these men are living on high list of debts yet to be cleared.”

Yes, men I advice you open up your financial mess to your families and lovers as to ease these unnecessary stress and equally create avenues for collective adjustments. Moreover, you need to clear your debts as to properly evaluate what’s really yours and so you stop living beyond your incomes. And ladies, that your man is always on cash flow doesn’t mean it’s his. Please encourage him to make better financial moves instead of pulling him down with your insatiable and unnecessary demands. And men should in turn start reasoning rationally as to which demands they’ve got to attend to or not without collapsing their financial plans.

Let's collaborate more without selfishness and be of good value to ourselves and others. HAPPY NEW YEAR...


O! How wonderful and humble art thou
What could be relevant and blossom without you?
You are the soothing factor for all in existence
Yet who could bear your burden and still smile?

O! Here she comes amidst cheers and frowns
Her subjects adjusting to be away from her
Though her intentions are nothing but bliss for all
She is generous to all without sentiments

O! You are so embarrassing sometimes, but you can’t be blamed
I look up whenever you lash on us and only see your beauty
Though scary signs accompany you, they only portray your Majesty
And like a caring mother, you give life to all

O! You are included in our annoying guests list, yet we crave for your visitations
Whenever you stroll our paths, we can’t help but gaze at your strength
You recreate our environments and bring out the beauty in all
Your strength is terrific, we love you and we need you
Because you always wash away our tears through RAIN…


 Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_JP_)


How do i express my most pressing thoughts lately without sounding like an emotionless robot and probably making an enemy out of a friend? I know she loves me as much as I do, but it’s a pity and I’m dearly sorry we can’t carry on like this anymore. How can I make you see reasons with my reasoning that nothing is wrong with us; yet we must part ways in such a cold manner? How do I make her understand it’s all for our benefits that we must part ways as lovers and probably be just friends?

Yes, they said “Love is a beautiful thing”, and since I’ve tasted it I can proudly ascribe it ” as a bittersweet thing. ” It takes you far away from you, though you are still you but wholly existing in another you (your partner). It’s amazing to note the level of influence and hold we’ve got on each other even when we are in millions of miles away from each other. O! Love, why are you so sweet yet bitter by merging two hearts deeply whereas you are aware from the onset that they weren’t meant to be as one forever?

It’s heartbreaking to gaze at the future we’ve so imagined and talked about with all seriousness; vanish suddenly like a structure in a terrible landslide with little or nothing to recognise its former glories. It used to feel like our personal escape route from the chaotic world till lately. I guess it’s because I’m yet to truly discover myself and purpose though we’ve tried to work on this as partners, I keep slacking like a capsized ship. Hence, I’ve realised it’s a journey I must embark as an individual (no one knows me better than I do) without sentiments or feelings of burden whatsoever. Presently, I know our separation doesn’t sound meaningful to you, but later you’ll grasp the whole scenario and probably decode that I took such stand out of love than hate because:

#1. I really love you

#2. I want the best for you and you deserve better than what I’ve got to offer.

#3. I sincerely don’t want to waste your time and love.

No wonder Marilyn Monroe once said, “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Until we detach ourselves from what we don’t need, we’ll never have enough time to attend to the ones we really need. Love is a selfless act and thus we must help ourselves by helping others. How?… We must unbind anyone we’ve selfishly trapped in the name of love. Genuine love never holds tight (out of selfish reasons) to something that’s never meant to be…

Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_JP_)


“Why are you telling people things you don’t know about me? If you can’t tell me my flaws to my face, then you are not a good friend. Of what need do I still have wearing clothes when you’ve stripped and robbed me of my dignity with your mouth? You’ve murdered me enough by sowing thorns in the hearts of people as to see another me in the real me via your bad perceptions.
So, I say a real friend shouldn’t bleed his friend to death in any form whatsoever. Come to me when you think you are confused about my personality, because a word once said can’t be withdrawn…”
             Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_JP_)

“A lot of people have had many scandalous encounters from those they respected and trusted that would draw them closer to God and thus help them have a good self discovery. But what happened? Their hopes were bashed and hence all hopes in humanity and trust in religion vanished wholly. But I must tell people that you and I are the gods and devils anyone would encounter. So, pave your paths cautiously for your life might be the only factor to set someone in/out of the good ways of living. Genuine love is all we need…”

Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_JP_)


     O! It feels like been caged in a world of torture as you keep flashing my memory and pausing my heartbeat to blend with yours. Wrapped in the shelter of my blanket hoping it was the warmth of your body all on me. Hand to hand, i feel the gentle squeezing that sent its stimulating sensations to and fro my spine (longing never to be separated from you anymore). The gentle breeze is filled with your warm kisses as I keep stopping and turning at any slightest melody, because they all sound like you are whispering and singing out my name with your angelic voice.
     With hundreds of hugs you separated me from my lonely world and welcomed me into your loving arms. With thousands of caressing you brought me into the world of peace, bliss and quietude as you lure me to sleep like a baby. With millions of kisses you activated the life in me by engaging my eyes as you say good morning to me. And with a lovely peck you ushered me into the world with good day wishes. Sweetheart, i promise to always be there for you because you’ve made me a debtor (AND I’M WILLING TO PAY TILL THE LAST PIECE OF MY STRENGHT AND ABILITY).
            Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_ JP_)

“Due to our personality differences, every human being requires and gives out love and affections differently. Love has no stereotype form.”

Paschal Orakweogu (Sir_JP_)